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    Gibraltar window cleaner

    Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner In Gibraltar

    If you are happy with the way your cleaner cleans the windows then there is no problem. This all depends on how big your house is and how accessible your windows are.

    Many people have commented that the windows do not have the same finish when their cleaner has done the job. Or they are not able to reach the high windows, especially in a very modern villa. 

    In some cases, the windows have also been scratched because of not using the right equipment.  Not using a window cleaner could in the long run cost you more money having to replace or professionally polish the windows that are now scratched.

    Obviously, this is not the case for everyone but these are just a few comments that some of my clients have made.

    There are two types of systems, Traditional and Reach and Wash.
    Both systems are effective but have their pros and cons.

    A Traditional window cleaner will struggle to reach high rise buildings with his pole system. Extension Ladders are effective but can only safely reach  just above the first floor and this is also dependant on having a safe foundation below to support on.

    Depending on the height, our window cleaning company will always use an extension poles for high windows as first choice because its the safest way to work and saves a lot of time.

    Pros of traditional – it will leave your windows completely clean and all corners polished.

    The reach and wash system will struggle to remove construction residue, & sandy dust from the rain. Even when scrubbing the window and giving it a good rinse it will still not leave the window with a clean polish as the traditional method does.


    A traditional window cleaner can check for other potential problems like limescale and paint leftover from decorating the house.


    The reach and wash system will not notice any of these problems because the systems work by leaving the window wet by purified water and left to dry. No checks are made after to guarantee a good clean.


    Because of health and safety laws the reach and wash system may be the only method to safely clean high rise windows especially in a busy street with traffic. In this case there maybe no other option.

    But whenever possible if the traditional method can be used, then in my opinion by far, it is the most effective method! Why?

    Living in Spain or Gibraltar and working with the elements ie; the heat, limescale, Sahara sand, sea water, construction dust, high levels of humidity, traditional window cleaning is the most effective way to keep your windows clean and maintained. Gibraltar Window Cleaning services can assist your window needs with top-quality equipment.


    How often should you keep the windows clean?



    So advisably don’t leave your windows to long to be cleaned, especially in winter. Between 1 month and 3 months maximum depending where you live. 

    Hard water, intense heat causes limescale which will very quickly eat away into your glass causing further damage.


    Gibraltar Window cleaning is not just to give you enjoyable views but its a form of maintenance which protects your glass, protects your frames, contributing to enabling the windows to seal tightly without dirt and grime. 

    So we hope this information was helpful to you as you make the decision whether to employ a window cleaner, how often you will need them doing and which systems to use.

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